The economic landscape
of the workplace has changed.

The MPS Team
fast-tracking digital transformation

The value of digital technology, software, and solutions are obvious to companies everywhere right now and organisations need to build operational resilience to survive this new reality. Those enterprises able to use technology to rethink their business model, by fast-tracking digital transformation, will be the ones ahead of their competition.

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The workplace has seen shifts in three emerging areas:

Easy access to mobile computing and cloud hosted solutions are reshaping interaction.

Three distinct generations in the workforce are creating and consuming information in different ways.

Hybrid and mobile work are here to stay affecting employees' outputs and team collaboration.

Business priorities have shifted to three emerging areas:

Control costs and infrastructure, improve sustainability, and maximize ROI.

Improve user experience and productivity with
user-friendly and automated processes.

Ensure the security of your documents, devices, data, and content.

The MPS Team will work with you to design a high performing workplace, powered by advanced technologies and software.

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Our comprehensive approach to security helps you keep your devices, documents, data and content safe from cyberthreats.

The MPS Team have recognised and embraced this shift in technology and the evolving needs of the workplace. We offer a comprehensive set of security features to keep your devices, documents, data and your content safe. We secure every part of the data chain, including print, copy, scan, fax, file downloads and system software. There are three key aspects to our multi-layered approach.

PREVENT - Restrict access to printed documents to only authorised users.

Your first and most obvious vulnerability is the user interface and maintaining control over who has physical access to your devices, documents, data and content. Security measures start with intrusion prevention through User Authentication to ensure only authorised staff have correct access. 

DETECT - Alert administrators to unauthorised disclosure of data and content and McAfee and Cisco integration for automatic response to cyberthreats.

In the unlikely event that your data and network defences are bypassed, the technology will run a comprehensive Firmware Verification test, either at start-up or when activated by authorised users. This alerts you if any harmful changes to your devices have been detected.

PROTECT - Ensure compliance of every device on the network with automated monitoring and remediation.

At The MPS Team, we drill down deeper. Our comprehensive security solutions also protect your printed and scanned documents from unauthorised disclosure or modification. Technology helps to block the deliberate or accidental transfer of key data to those not authorised to see it. For quality assured compliance, rely on MPS. We offer business continuity, so you’ve got it covered in the event of an emergency. Mitigate commercial risk – prevention is always better than the cure.

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